Sunday, June 9, 2013

Actual Calories Burned During Top Body - Fitness Boot Camps

Calories Burned During Top Body - Fitness Boot Camps will all depends on how much you weigh, how tall you are and how hard you push. 

Here is
an example to look at. A man age 37 height 5' 9" with an average heart rate of 150 will burn 850+ calories a class.
A women age 40 height 5'7" with an average heart rate of 145 will burn 680+ calories.

Below are are my calorie burns for the last two weeks. Remember that I am coaching so I am not able to do the full work out because i need to stop and assist other boot campers. Yet my calorie burns are crazy good for me and it would be higher if I were able to work out the entire time. 

My body is super efficient so most all lady boot camp team members burn 250 - 400+ calories MORE than me and most men will burn 400 - 600 calories MORE than me. 

These were my calorie burns for the first 3 weeks of my Top Body- Fitness Boot Camp

Week 1
Monday 425 cal
Wednesday 465
Friday 580

Week 2 
Monday 452
Wednesday 403
Friday  469

Week 3

Monday 542
Wednesday 486
Friday  530

Looking forward to Burning Bootie Calories!
Let's Get Healthy,
Coach TIA

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